CaritoCaró creates a tangible and visual experience on how life can be embodied hour to hour with elegance, shine, serenity, and a style.
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Carito Caró  HIVE IN A TREE



Every piece is made under the inspiration of the Wayuu indigenous women breaking from her everyday life and from the special events are happening around her . Always inspires in nature, specifically by the spider and it’s techniques, and always telling about some story through the waves, shapes and colors.


Product Description

At CaritoCaro, we are committed to provide authenticated Mochilas.  Wayuu Bags are made available thanks yo the direct relation with the Rancherias in La Guajira Colombia (South America).  By purchasing an authentic Wayuu Mochila you are contributing to preserve a vibrant, talented and exciting culture! Each bag is a custom design fabricated by native communities and shipped with own certificate of origin.  Each Wayuu Mochila undergoes and intricate process of making; each bag is hand made with a numbered pattern to keep their uniqueness.  Normally, your Wayuu Bag will be shipped 2-3 business days if we have it in stock.  Some bags might be required special order which will take up to 20 business days.

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