CaritoCaró creates a tangible and visual experience on how life can be embodied hour to hour with elegance, shine, serenity, and a style.
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Carito Caró  BEACH PARTY



CaritoCaró Wayuu Bag – Ethnic Bo-Ho Chic Fashion Bag CaritoCaró Wayuu Bag is an ideal bag for Everyday use, for the Winter or as Summer Beach Bag. This tribal bag is unique and no one else can have the same Bag! Handmade in Colombia. Practical and Colorful.Perfect If you are looking for an exotic gift then you can’t go wrong: valentine’s gift, mother’s day gift, birthday or Christmas gift. Ethnic, Colorful, Fold-able, Durable and Resistant. The Wayuu bag is meticulously hand woven with love and care by one Wayuu Woman. It took approximately one month to complete this Wayuu Bag. This is not an imitation. The Bag is all hand woven with cotton thread. It has a compact circular base with a unique design that meshes with the overall inimitable design woven all around the Bag and its handle. Beautiful fringes and a string that can be pulled to fasten the opening. Today, it is difficult to find Authentic Wayuu Designs. The Wayuu bags available here are purchased directly from a group of Native Colombian Women that weave them. Size for DAILY : MEDIUM bags: 12″ (30 cm) Tall – 8 1/2″ (22 cm) wide – Strap 36″ (80 cm)


Product Description

Every piece is made under the inspiration of the Wayuu indigenous women, breaking from her every day life and from the special events in her life. Always inspired in nature, specifically by the spider and it’s techniques, and always telling about some story through the weaves and colors.

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