CaritoCaró creates a tangible and visual experience on how life can be embodied hour to hour with elegance, shine, serenity, and a style.
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Every Wayuu piece is uniquely handwoven and it takes approximately 20-30 days to be made. Want to learn more?


Our one and only goal is for those who are searching for an outfit for a certain occasion can look through the CaritCaró wardrobe and find the perfect outfit that best represents them.  Navigate through our latest additions!


Our loyal clients have an opportunity to represent the brand and why not even make some money? If you are interested in wearing the newest and latest fashion of CaritoCaró and think you are fit to share your secrets of great fashion with others, contact us to submit your application on how to become a brand partner.

About Us & Our Work

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CaritoCaró represents a lifestyle that has people intrigued and wanting to know more. We literally thrive to embody “your” interpretation of individuality; from the girl out on a Friday night, to the girl getting ready for a day out at the beach. CaritoCaró’s Wardrobe provides outfits for every occasion. We want for our pieces to naturally and inevitably project confidence, happiness, distinctiveness, while also making you feel SEXY, all at the same time. No matter what the time may be; come find the look that expresses you!

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